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....Alright, I'll just give my thoughts about Chief Lin Bei Fong the Iron Lady first, because we really got to see her abilities showcased here. No, seriously. She was the best part about this episode, and this episode was my favorite thus far.

It's amazing how far the art of metalbending has come since Toph invented the discipline: the kind of precision and control Lin used with those steel cords during her fight on the roof, coupled with the insane acrobatics (did Tenzin or Aang teach her some of that high-flying fancy-dancer footwork, perhaps?), was pretty much mindblowing. Will we ever get to see her do any traditional earthbending? Will we get to see her animate the giant metal statue of Toph that stands in front of the police station, and then go smashing through the city while sitting on its shoulders? Will we ever learn who her father is? Will we ever find out what kind of jay-walking/improper parallel parking/wearing white after Labor Day-type of charges she tried to have Pema arrested for?


I'm also looking forward to more team-ups between Korra and Lin. Finding out that Aang and Lin were close ("I can't believe your sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl!") just sort of quietly breaks my heart. And as much as I love Pema, the Toph/Aang shipper in me has to mourn a bit over the lost chance of seeing Lin and Tenzin together as a couple: but they wanted different things, and we'll hopefully get to see them mend up what was likely once a very powerful friendship and camaraderie.

Speaking of friendship and camaraderie, it was great to see our three fabulous Fire Ferrets working together so smoothly in this episode. (Who saw those three little cosplayers cheering in the stands? I do believe Mike and Bryan have created accurate representations of us.)

...But Mako. Bolin. Guys.

Please promise me that you'll eventually start backing Korra up in these fights, alright? She is strong, she is confident, and she might not even need the back-up at all, but that doesn't change the fact that you should try. Because you are the Avatar's friends, and that is what the Avatar's friends are supposed to do: no matter how outnumbered they are, or how much the enemy's skills outweigh their own. You might not realize it quite yet, but being as cut off from the Spirit World as Korra is means that she has been fighting alone all her life.

Get it? Got it? Good.  

Asami put in a brief (and briefly ominous) appearance here, but I just wanted to put in my two cents about her amidst all the speculation:

I really, truly, fervently hope she doesn't turn out to be an Equalist. Or, a willing Equalist: maybe her father is funding Amon and supplying him with his technology, and she has been made an unwilling pawn in the whole game.

But to see yet another occurrence of the tired "You should mistrust beautiful confident feminine women because they are out to steal your man and take advantage of you and stab you in the back", especially in a show whose storytelling I so love and admire, would be an almost crushing disappointment. Asami's character can be treated better than that. And I want to see what she can do in a motorcycle chase.

Not much else to say in shipping-related news, as this episode kept everything subdued, but something about Korra's comment "I'M GOING TO KNOCK TAHNO'S STUPID HAIR OFF OF HIS STUPID HEAD" seemed oddly timed....Like, he hadn't done anything particularly obnoxious towards her, specifically, just then: all he'd done was enter with that hubub/flashiness/rigamarole and outglitz Pabu's adorable circus tricks in front of the entire stadium.


"A waterbender tried to embarrass my boyfriend and his pet fire ferret once.


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Crysania2215 Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I really hope Asami turns out to be an Equalist. That would give to her character more depth, thus then she could redeem herself and team up with Korra & Co.
Also, I want to see her in action. She's not a princess!!! Maybe Bryke is a troll in romance but Avatar has the best female characters ever. I :salute: you Ladies

As for Lin.... She deserves her own series. And the GREAT woman who gave her birth. TOPH! :worship:
Haruko-Mizumi Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Student Writer
Asami's design is based off of Lust's from Fullmetal Alchemist (at least that's what I read on the Avatar wiki). Lust was a manipulative, deceptive, stunning beauty. So far we know Asami has the stunning beauty part down. I really want to like Asami, but just the fact that any part of her is based on Lust leads me to be hesitant in liking her.

Although I do have to say, for a bitchy villain, I did like Lust.
swan-swan Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
You know what?

We need a picture of Korra in armor fighting off...something...while Mako and Bolin hug each other in their frilly skirts. Because if those two were girls, this would be Bleach. I mean Naruto. I mean...a damsel-in-distress situation. Yes. That's the one. Disney movie. NO. DAMSEL IN DISTRESS SITUATION. What is wrong with me here? Why can't I just say something about every Michael Bay film ev--blahblahblah!

The men are completely useless in this show. Mako does the grabbing while Korra dodges the man with the wrench, the brothers get zapped into lumps before Korra scores her first ownage count on the guard, it takes a horde of chi-blockers to take Korra down in an ambush (and no one busts in to save her), Mako and Bolin loiter in the water, and Tenzin takes a nappy-nap while Lin gets up and saves everything. And then Korra saves Lin. And then Lin has to save Korra, because Tenzin's still taking his nappy-nap. I know Tenzin blasted the one Equalist, but Orihime has shielded Ichigo once or twice in a false display of usefulness.

Lin, train Bolin. Teach him how to metalbend AFTER you've taught him to get rid of that "light on your feet" nonsense that he's been indoctrinated with. If someone shouted "ROCK ON" at Bolin, do you think he'd stay in his horse stance? He's good in the arena, but outside? Nope.

...and I just gave myself chills thinking about what it would be like if Bolin spent a whole episode or two training himself in earthbending and then Amon took it away. Brrr.

As for Asami, my money is all-in on her infiltrating the Equalists. I reasoned this out earlier and then had it surprisingly confirmed by an already-existing profile description that she has had the "best self-defense training money can buy." So, yeah. She's up for the infiltration. Heck, maybe she's ALREADY IN.

I'm changing pots now. Or at least, shifting a little money to this new pot. Amon's blackmailing her father, so she got in with the chi-blockers. Mako will fight a chi-blocker, the blocker will hesitate, he'll take her down, pull off the mask, GASP, ASAMI! "Guys, you've got the wrong idea! Lemme explain!" Or she just busts out and continues to remain deep in her cover.

She's too evil-looking to be evil. I mean, really. Give her a smirk and who does she look like? That's right, Azula.



...Asami couldn't be Azula's grandchild, could she? Nah. She couldn't. Even if he is Fire Nation.
nightcrawlerfan136 Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think Asami is a member of the Equalist and Tarlook too.
sazzlysarah Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
Also, CABBAGE CORP on the radio. Three cheers for cabbage!
IcyAshford Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
I believe why Mako and Bolin didn't help Korra because they know their bending is limited to the ring. We've seen how inadequate they are at real combat back in episode 103. Even if they jumped into battle, Korra will be distracted by having to save them instead of chasing after Amon. I guess it would be better to keep the body count low, so to speak.
The-Devil-Butterfly Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I just say I agree with all of this!!??

Yes? GOOD!!

Cause damn! You said what I said basically about that episode.

And man I am just waiting for Mako and Bolin to start backing up Korra in real combat

AND for Asami to start doing something, and like you I really hope she isn't an Equalist and if she is it better be for a very good reason and not the reason you just stated. I'll hate that and think its a cheap blow to Asami's character.

And yea I'll stop there!
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