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I Ought to Be Thy Adam by xcgirl08 I Ought to Be Thy Adam by xcgirl08
"...but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed. Everywhere I see bliss, from which I am irrevocably excluded." (Chapter 10)

Frankenstein's Monster (variously called the fiend, the wretch, the demon, the devil, or the creature, but necessarily nameless) as he appears in the original Shelley novel is described as having thin, shriveled yellow skin like a mummy's, watery and near-colorless eyes, straight black lips, long and flowing black hair, and proportionally built to his height of about eight feet. I've been teaching the novel to my advanced senior class, and thought I would touch up this sketch. 

And he says things like the quote above: he's a joyless, unloved abomination who is, overall, quite well aware of that fact, and suffers a desolation of the soul - if he has one - because of it.

I believe Harold Bloom made an argument that the ultimate irony (and crowning achievement) of Mary Shelley's novel is that the Creature is in the end more creative, more intelligent, more capable of eliciting both our compassion and our anger, and more human than his creator. 
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A-Girl-In-A-Sweater Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
oh, this is so nice!! ^___^ it definitely reflects the image in my mind when i read the book, AWESOME job!!
xcgirl08 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
Thank you!

Honestly, I was a bit worried that I didn't make him frightening or hideous enough; he's supposed to be almost indescribably repulsive, but I feel like I could overlook a face like this if he was as eloquent and compassionate as he is at the outset of things. 

(It could also mean that I'm crazy, but that's a given.) 

A-Girl-In-A-Sweater Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
WELLLLLL- they DO say that people nowadays are more desensitized to horror-type stuff!! i bet this face wouldve scared the LIVING HECK out of anyone before horror movies ;D

some people ALSO say that the monster wasnt that ugly, just that victor was exaggerating because he hated it so much!! but whoooo knows
LavenderBoots Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. This is such a complete 180 to how Hollywood so often depicts Frankenstein's Monster. I shall have to read the book and make my own opinions on the matter. Thanks for the insight.Clap 
xcgirl08 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
It certainly is! I started off the unit by having my students write down everything they'd learned about Frankenstein from movies, television, and popular culture, and basically saying, "Put that aside for now, and when we finish the book we can discuss why the legend has evolved this way." 

It's not a perfect novel, but it's a novel full of very powerful ideas and essential questions about what makes a person who they are and what it means to be human. Enjoy it! 
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